Fined but Fine

Yes.. its been barely 5 days since i got my drivers license and I’ve earned my first parking ticket.. well i know you all are used to it.. it’s just that its my first and i’m kinda startled by the way it happened.

As usual I had paid for parking via sms and I renewed it twice whenever the reminder sms came (about 15 mins before running out of time). But when the third reminder (for the fourth hour) came i was with a patient. I did hear the sms tone but thought it’d be inappropriate for me to renew my parking while I was with him. So i had to wait until I was done with the patient. By this time I noticed I was 5 minutes overdue.. I didn’t panic.. i knew no cop would magically fly-in and fine me within that 5 minute window and sent a new parking message. however later when I went to my car, I was surprised to find a parking fine on my windshield!!

Seriously!!! 5 minutes?? was he stalking me or something!! Trust me people.. I’ve had my share of bad luck.. but this is not some bad luck.. this feels like something more… hmm.. almost planned.. this is definitely stalking.

Gotta keep an eye out..

Peace to all… Mr. V


Partial lunar eclipse

Well since the stars decided to welcome our little blog with a lunar eclipse, I think it’d be ungrateful of us not to mention it here… I did go out and snap a pic with my phone but i doubt if it’d make any sense.. No matter how much they improve smartphone cameras (mine’s an iphone 6 plus) nothing will ever beat an SLR/ DSLR camera.

Partial Lunar eclipse - Sharjah

You don’t see that every night.

Valkats’ Journal

Hi.. We’re the Valkats. From here on we are your hosts, you can call us Mrs and Mr V. Doctors during daytime and funloving foodies by nightfall..

This is a log of our exploration of Sharjah as part of our never ending quest for tasty food and fun places to hangout. We intend to cover all cuisines in this journey.. however as far as hangouts are concerned we’ll be targeting family spots as we’re always accompanied by our cute but grumpy little ones (twos).