Partial lunar eclipse

Well since the stars decided to welcome our little blog with a lunar eclipse, I think it’d be ungrateful of us not to mention it here… I did go out and snap a pic with my phone but i doubt if it’d make any sense.. No matter how much they improve smartphone cameras (mine’s an iphone 6 plus) nothing will ever beat an SLR/ DSLR camera.

Partial Lunar eclipse - Sharjah

You don’t see that every night.

Valkats’ Journal

Hi.. We’re the Valkats. From here on we are your hosts, you can call us Mrs and Mr V. Doctors during daytime and funloving foodies by nightfall..

This is a log of our exploration of Sharjah as part of our never ending quest for tasty food and fun places to hangout. We intend to cover all cuisines in this journey.. however as far as hangouts are concerned we’ll be targeting family spots as we’re always accompanied by our cute but grumpy little ones (twos).